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Photography, art and design: this is my life.

I was born in Florence (Italy) in 1967.

My adventure in photography begins at the age of eight: on first communion I received a Kodak Instamatic 130.

The first camera I bought on my own was the Yashica 108.

But it was with the Nikon F100 that I really started to discover the true power of photography, with two types of films: Fuji Velvia 50 and Ilford FP4.

With the new millennium I went to digital photography, with many difficulties, but over the years I made peace with digital photography and now I shot with a mirrorless camera.

My photography captures what I see around me, nothing is construction, everything is real. Emotions, lines, colors, shapes, harmony, balance, everything that is able to capture my attention becomes a photo. Urban landscapes, nature, architecture, interiors, industrial structures, everything can be taken up in images and become something to look at with pleasure.

With my photography I want to do justice to what things, really are.

You can contact me at

Kodak Instamatic 130.png
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